Financial Times corrects error concerning control of Gaza’s borders

Last week, we posted about a Financial Times (FT) analysis written by Simon Kuper (“Israel and the United States are battling identity crises”, Aug. 3) that represented an especially egregious example of a pre-determined anti-Israel conclusion in search of evidence – evidence, we demonstrated, that was sorely lacking.

Though we encourage you to read our full take-down of Kuper’s tendentious, misleading and ahistorical piece, there was also one clear factual error that warranted a complaint to FT editors:

Now Israel is making its occupation of the West Bank permanent. “The Jewish people have an exclusive and indisputable right to all areas of the Land of Israel,” Netanyahu said last December. “The government will promote and develop settlement in all parts of the Land of Israel.” It also controls entry to Gaza  

As we noted in our email to the FT, Egypt of course controls Gaza’s southern (Rafah) crossing.  So, it’s not accurate to suggest that Israel controls every entry to Gaza.  Our complaint was upheld, the sentence revised and the following addendum added:

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