Round-up of media errors in coverage of the war – Oct. 13


The unprecedented multi-front attacks on Israelis carried out by the terrorist group Hamas on October 7th  (both the Sabbath and a Jewish holiday) included thousands of missile attacks, the indiscriminate murder of over 1,300 Israelis (mostly civilians) and the wounding of thousands more. It also included rape, mutilation and torture – including against children.

This is our latest compilation of British media errors, omissions, distortions and propaganda in their coverage of the war:

Guardian journalist denies (confirmed) reports of Hamas baby decapitations 

Though there was a least a little doubt as to the veracity of stories of Hamas decapitation babies at the time of this tweet by Bethan McKernan, note that her concern is not about the savage brutality of the Palestinians who massacred over 1,300 Israelis, which included other verified accounts of savage brutality, but over the ‘anti-Arab’ racism of assuming the story was true.

Shortly after that tweet, the was story confirmed.

Guardian cartoon suggests moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel.

Irish Times cartoon evokes moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel

Impress-regulated British Muslim news site  5 Pillars editor spews more pro-Hamas propaganda

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  1. says: Sid

    Bethan operates from cafes/restaurants – at one time in Emek Refaim, Jerusalem.
    She openly discusses her material – time track her down

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