BBC News website reporting on the Hamas attack on Sderot police station

One of the many locations attacked by Hamas terrorists early on the morning of Saturday, October 7th was the town of Sderot, about one kilometre from the Gaza Strip.

Among the many attacks carried out there were the indiscriminate murders of senior citizens waiting at a bus stop to go on a trip and the infiltration of the town’s police station at around 06:30 by dozens of terrorists.

The battle for control of the police station went on for twenty hours. Eight members of the local police force, most of whom were on duty at the time, were killed and some ten terrorists were neutralised.

So what have visitors to the BBC News website been told about that deadly assault on the Sderot police station?

A video published on October 7th under the title ‘Footage emerges of ‘gunmen in Sderot’’ tells BBC audiences that: [emphasis added]

“Video has emerged of a white truck purportedly carrying Palestinian militants through Sderot.

The footage filmed from a balcony and obtained by news agency Reuters, appears to show armed men wearing white headbands driving through the Israeli town.

Dozens of gunmen from the Islamist militant group Hamas infiltrated southern Israel on Saturday.”

In an October 8th report credited to Yolande Knell, David Gritten and Rushdi Abualouf and titled ‘Israeli forces fight to drive out Hamas militants as death toll passes 600’ readers find the following:

“At least 10 militants who had taken over the police station in the town of Sderot were killed.”

An October 9th BBC Verify report titled ‘How Hamas staged Israel lightning assault no-one thought possible’ by Sean Seddon and Daniele Palumbo states:

“In Sderot, militants were seen standing on the back of a pick-up truck being driven through the town, which lies around 3km (1.8 miles) to the east of Gaza.”

As we see, none of those reports – which will remain online as what the BBC describes as “permanent public record” – mentions the eight members of the local police force killed during the attack on Sderot’s police station.

Items posted on the BBC News website’s live pages on October 7th and 8th likewise mention “militants”, “gunmen” and “armed fighters” but not the policemen and policewoman they killed.

To summarise, while the BBC News website “permanent public record” coverage relating to that attack on the police station in Sderot informs audiences that ten of the perpetrators were killed, it omits any mention whatsoever of the Israelis who lost their lives during that terror attack. That is not accurate and impartial news reporting.






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  1. says: Neil C

    Typical of the British Islamist Broadcasting Company, it is high time the government decision was taken to cease the legal need to pay a license fee and convert the platform to PPV for the Islamists in the UK to enjoy their one sided productions. Making UK citizens pay to receive such biased reporting of a story means that for nearly fifty years to my knowledge the BBC has purposely failed to show impartiality and therefore should not receive another Royal Charter. #defundthebbc

  2. says: Grimey

    It is now a crime in the UK to glamorise terrorism – which is precisely what the BBC is doing by describing terrorists as “militants”.

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