Media outlets sanitise London hate march

“The mood was celebratory. Flares were lit, flags flown, slogans chanted. People dancedThousands descended on the Israeli embassy before hundreds made their way to central London last night, blocking roads and filling the streets as they partied. This was an expression of joy, not an explosion of rage”, wrote the CST’s Dave Rich, commenting on the first pro-Palestinian rally in London following Oct. 7, the date of the largest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust.

Here’s one clip of the celebration on Oct. 9.

As Rich noted, the protest – at the boarded up Israeli Embassy – was organised on Saturday, well before Israel’s response in Gaza had built up any kind of steam…and [was] organised at a time when Israel could not even count the bodies because terrorists were still holding people hostage in their homes, when the news was full of stories and pictures of murdered and kidnapped Israelis”. Saturday, he added, “was Israel’s 9/11, Bataclan and Bucha rolled into one. And [they] went out to celebrate.”

The latest of the weekly pro-Palestinian London demos – which the British home secretary has aptly called ‘hate marches’ – took place yesterday.  As with the Oct. 9 demo, and the subsequent marches, not only were there slogans and speeches in support of terrorism, there have been – to the best of our knowledge – no speeches which included calls to free the hostages, or condemned of Hamas ISIS-style barbarism against Israeli men, women, children and even babies.

The Jewish Chronicle also reported that “dozens of marchers were arrested for offences including inciting racial hatred, breaching the Terrorism Act, and assaulting police officers”.

Here are a few clips highlighting the hate, extremism and antisemitism in London yesterday.

Hamas are not terrorists, but ‘freedom fighters’

More objections to calling Hamas terrorists

Protesters calling for Hamas to destroy Tel Aviv


Patrons of McDonald’s abused by hate marchers, who object the Israeli franchise’s decision to give free meals to IDF soldiers during the war with Hamas.


‘Allahu Akbar’ protesters throwing fireworks

Flag of another proscribed terrorist group, PFLP, flying

A post cheering Hamas barbarism, by celebrating the now iconic bulldozer which terrorists used to cross into Israel before the massacre.

More celebration of the mass murder of Jews on Oct. 7.

More support for Hamas terror and barbarism

More hate and support for violence.

Hate for the Jewish hostages, love for Hamas

A call to allow Hamas to continue fighting.

More love for Hamas

Frenzied crowd cheering on the terror

More support for murdering Jews

Absolving Hamas of any guilt for the atrocities they perpetrated.

Nazi analogy

As one commentator observed, about the anti-Israel marches since Oct. 7 more broadly: the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville chanted “Jews will not replace us”; the pro-Gaza protesters chant, “Free Palestine from the river to the sea.” For both, he added, the Jews are a malignant force. For both, there is a favored population over and above the Jews (white Europeans for the neo-Nazis; Arabs for the Hamas sympathizers).”

Yet, as expected, many media outlets whitewashed the hate and extremism in London yesterday, including the Guardian, Sky News, the BBC.

Since Oct. 7, CST recorded at least 1019 antisemitic incidents across the UK, the highest ever total reported to CST across a twenty-eight-day period since the charity began recording antisemitic incidents in 1984.  In many of the antisemitic incidents, hateful comments, threats to life and physical attacks have been laced with the rhetoric and iconography of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel politics, CST noted.

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