Finger on the Scale: “Debate” About CiF Watch Rages at CiF

The fun and games have begun over on CiF in the Beaumont thread.

For example, we have exiledlondoner in full throttle at 4.50pm BST trying (and failing, given that it’s coming from him) to take to pieces the EUMC definition of antisemitism. He calls us a “nasty bunch of imbeciles” (praise indeed coming from him) but graciously admits that there have been on CiF some comments which are “arguably” antisemitic.

He then threatens us with Seth Freedman who’s “penning an article “as exiledlonder writes… Gulp!!

There then follows a hilarious more generalised paranoia fest in which anti-Israel posters accuse people who post against them of supporting us (someone called B’TselemPaul), and we have spectreovereurope unsurprised to find himself in our “rogues gallery” as he calls it.

Berchmans is even more paranoid:

“…know know them too ..who has had their iD abused, has been called horrible names and has had threats made .

These guys are no joke please do not treat this lightly. They cannot get to me as I thrive on it ..but some are less callous than my good self.

These are horrible folk trying to influence opinion on CIF by using their resources to hound good people.”

All in all, the CiF Moderators have been doing what they do best, though, weighting the scales heavily against anyone who speaks out in favour of CiFWatch:

Two who cheered us on: Rumplestiltsky said we were a great site and sorely needed. Pity that his/her post was removed without a trace. But there are some gems from it in exiledlondoner’s post, and he, among other things accuses him/her of being the CiFWatch representative on the thread. I would wager that exiledlondoner’s post is still online.

The second is PhyllisStein and I managed to get this one in its entirety before it was deleted:

“28 Aug 09, 6:16pm (1 minute ago)
exiledlondoner, “nasty bunch of imbeciles” eh?
I see, when reasoned argument fails, it’s OK to resort to personalised insult, is it?

I have looked at CiFWatch (see ) and it seems to me that they are anything but. They are also long overdue.

What is it that so upset you – that they speak out against antisemitism under the false flag of antiZionism, or that they have the courage to say, as one poster says there, that the CiF King of knowledgeability about the Middle Eastern conflict is naked?

(Mods, go ahead. I shall write to CiFWatch at and repost this there if you delete this without deleting exiledlondoner’s childish outburst).”

And someone called Mita posted an excellent suggestion. It seems that several CiF posters have had their feelings hurt by not having their timeless prose collected. (They hadn’t understood that our function is to call out antisemitic posts rather than anti-Israel ones). She suggests that each of you who are so upset should choose one of your favourite antisemitic posts and submit it to us for publication here. What about it?

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