Guardian and BBC whitewash inconvenient truths about “Rally to Restore Sanity” event in Washington (Updated)

In a report on the contrasting coverage by the BBC on the Glenn Beck rally vs. John Stewart’s recent “Rally to Restore Sanity”, Biased BBC recently noted:

“When BBC correspondent Finlo Rohrer reported on the Glenn Beck rally she made a point of mentioning the racial make-up of the crowd”:

The audience at the rally was predominantly white, but there was the occasional African-American in the crowd, some Tea Party-aligned, others without symbols of affiliation.

Biased BBC continued:

“Yesterday’s Rally To Restore Sanity was at least as white (if not more so) but Rohrer’s account of that event fails to say so. Here are some images of the crowd from the Stewart/Colbert smugfest. If you look carefully you can just about make out a couple of non-white faces in the centre of the top-right image”

Biased BBC continued:

“It serves no purpose for the BBC to highlight the overwhelmingly white nature of yesterday’s rally so the fact is simply ignored, airbrushed from the bigger picture. The only white narrative the BBC is interested in is the angry white conservative one. A rally of young white hipster liberals is just a rally. Agenda-driven bias from the BBC, pure and simple.”

“Rohrer’s account of the Glenn Beck event included this:”

Activist Jeremy Batterson, manning a stall festooned with posters of President Obama sporting a Hitler-style toothbrush moustache, explained why he was so steadfastly against the nation’s leader.

“Her report on yesterday’s event mentions only funny slogans and placards. Here’s another side to the rally – isn’t it amazing that BBC journalists never see stuff like this at leftie events?”

“One of those Hitler mustaches is on a Jewish congressman, btw. Once again it doesn’t fit the BBC narrative, therefore it is ignored.”

Well, the Guardian, in its glowing coverage of the rally, did notice the sign depicting the Jewish congressman, (Republican, Eric Cantor), as Hitler and had this:

However, the caption beneath the photo said this:

Now, I’m just wondering.  How did Guardian editors know that the protesters were merely mocking “the right’s practice” using Hitler mustaches on public figures to demonize them.  Did they talk to any of the protesters?  They don’t say.

Or, perhaps its simply beyond the grasp of the Guardian that those on the left can be just as vitriolic in their criticism of the right as the right is of the left.

Well, just to remind the Guardian of the hate directed towards President Bush by the American left while he was in office, here’s a bit of a  retrospective:

And my personal favorite:

You can see many more at this “Bush as Hitler” retrospective:

UPDATE: I’ve learned from a reliable source that the protesters at the Restoring Sanity Rally who were holding the signs equating Republicans, such as Jewish Congressman Eric Cantor, with Nazis were indeed attempting to mock similar attacks on President Obama.  While I still think that putting a Hitler mustache on a known Jewish public figure, such as Cantor, is still in bad taste, I’m convinced their intentions weren’t in any way hateful.  Further, the new information regarding these particular protesters shouldn’t detract from the seriousness of the other photos showing 9/11 truthers at the rally, as well as  at least two protesters freely walking around with “Death to Right Wing Extremists” signs.

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