CiF “Israel lobby controls U.S. foreign policy” comment of the day

Kieron Monk’s CiF post, “Let Palestinian Police control Area C“, elicited this comment:

As someone who’s a member of the “global team of internet hasbara writers”, and as someone who also is part of a lobby who undermines democracy in America, I have to say to John and Stephen (sorry, I mean, JRKidd), damn…you really saw through me.  Unlike the rest of the great unwashed, you didn’t fall prey to our malevolent designs.  No, you’re too sophisticated for that.  And, you’re brave, oh so brave, to confront such a large community (2/10 of 1% of the world’s population)  – one which exercises so much control over the world.  I gotta admit, you exposed us for who we really are.

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