What the Guardian isn’t telling you (Part….oh heck; I’ve lost count..)

In keeping with its self-declared progressive and liberal credentials, the Guardian devotes considerable energies to its Environment section of CiF.

One would think, therefore, that the news of a ‘green revolution’ in one of the world’s most talked-about armies would be worth a few paragraphs. Apparently not.

It seems that the cognitive dissonance of coming to terms with the fact that Israelis (and even worse; the Israeli army) might be doing something positive about addressing environmental issues is just too much for the average Guardianista to bear.

So here’s a short film about some of the steps being taken by the IDF in order to reduce its carbon footprint.


In fact, there’s an awful lot of environmental news coming out of Israel. From electric cars, through massive solar energy projects and innovative methods of water conservation to name but a few, Israelis have been playing their part in developing the technologies needed to secure the world’s environmental future for quite some time.

But if you do a Google search on the words Guardian, environment and Israel, all you will get is less than a handful of bad news stories which reinforce the stereotypical Guardian World View of Israel and Israelis.  A search for Guardian, environment and military produces only articles about the US army and environmental issues.

How predictable.


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