George Soros says Israel is the main obstacle to a democratic Egypt

Cross posted at NewsRealBlog, by Eldad Tzioni

Guess what George Soros considers the biggest stumbling block to Egyptian democracy?

Could it be the fact that there is no tradition of democracy in Egypt and democratic institutions can’t be created in an instant during a time of upheaval?

No, that’s not it.

Could it be the fact that Mubarak is sending thugs into pro-freedom demonstrations to beat up the protesters?

No, not that either.

Could it be the Muslim Brotherhood, the best-organized opposition group in Egypt, which is dedicated not to freedom but to instituting Shari’a law throughout Egypt and eventually to create a pan-Muslim state across the region?

Nope, not at all.

The main obstacle to Egyptian peace is – Israel.

As he writes in :Thursday’s Washington Post

The main stumbling block is Israel.

The way he sees it, Israel and the Jewish lobby are dead-set against Egyptian democracy, much preferring a dictatorship next door where millions of Egyptians can be oppressed. Israel, which Soros presumes is an authoritarian regime, loves Egypt as it is — a state where Israeli tourists are routinely warned to leave because of potential terror attacks, a state where the Camp David demands of normalization were never implemented, a state where well over 90% of the population hates Jews according to polls.

According to Soros’ bizarre logic, the Muslim Brotherhood’s alliance with Mohamed ElBaradei, rather than being a cynical use of a stooge who has barely lived in Egypt for thirty years and who has no governing experience — a partnership where the Brotherhood can easily bend him to their will — is “a hopeful sign that it intends to play a constructive role in a democratic political system.”

What is he smoking? People said the exact same thing about Hamas and Hezbollah and, at the time, the Islamists who took over Iran in 1979. The far Left has consistently embraced Islamist parties who are fundamentally and inherently against liberal values — against equality for all citizens, against non-Muslims in positions of power, against equal rights for women, the list goes on — because of such shortsighted and ignorant wishful thinking.

As a result, we have Lebanon now effectively governed by an Islamic group and turning into a satellite of Iran, we have Gaza governed by a group that has no interest in democracy or equality and that is dedicated to destroying another state — and we have an Egypt that will probably be ruled by the organization that was the forerunner of Al Qaeda.

Soros says:

“I am, as a general rule, wary of revolutions. But in the case of Egypt, I see a good chance of success.”

Based on what exactly?

“As a committed advocate of democracy and open society, I cannot help but share in the enthusiasm that is sweeping across the Middle East.”

Ah. His feelings that this will end up with a democratic, free Egypt are based on nothing more than his getting swept up with enthusiasm. It is not based on any sober analysis or of any weighing of the potential downside of such a revolution.

Rather than look at the entire picture, Soros wants to focus all his hate on Israel, which he firmly believes is an obstacle to peace — in Egypt.

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