Jeffrey Goldberg’s take on Jews, ethics, delis, and the Guardian

I don’t always agree with blogger Jeffrey Goldberg’s take on the Middle East, but he’s certainly one of the more interesting Jewish American bloggers on the scene.  And, while I’ve been trying to save up anti-Guardian commentary throughout the blogosphere for our weekly “Guardian’s Notoriety” segment, I enjoyed Goldberg’s passing observation about the world’s leading liberal voice quite a bit, and wanted to share it.

In a post titled “Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews!”, Goldberg notes that folks just can’t stop talking about us – which Goldberg acknowledges may have something to do with our historical advancements in both Theology (ethical monotheism) and the Deli Arts (whitefish salad).

Goldberg then notes “the disproportionate interest drunks and lunatics [Charlie Sheen, Glenn Beck, John Galliano, and the Iranians] take in Jews and their meddling and mysterious ways,” before adding:

“Now, Julian Assange is arguing that The Guardian — the English-language newspaper least friendly to Israel on Earth — is engaged in a Jewish-dominated conspiracy to smear him.”

The Guardian — the English-language newspaper least friendly to Israel on Earth

So simple, yet it says so much, and in only 80 quite Tweetable characters.  Mr. Goldberg, our hats (and Kippahs) are tipped for your contribution to our ongoing efforts to name and shame the increasingly notorious anti-Israel daily.

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