Lebanese who stormed Israeli border included women and children (IDF accuses Iran of instigating incidents)

In addition to the infiltration along the Israeli-Syrians border at Majdal Shams, the Lebanese-Israeli border near the Israeli town of Avivim was the site of a similar incident today.  The Lebanese Army stood by as hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians approached the Lebanese border fence at Maroun a-Ras, pictured below.

Palestinians and Lebanese at Maroun al-Ras

Those trying to infiltrate the border, according to IDF sources, included scores of women and children – a group the IDF took great precaution in protecting as they selectively fired, first into the air and, as a last resort, at the legs of those infiltrators who posed the greatest risk.  

While Lebanese Army Forces did not try to stop those who approached the fence at Maroun a-Ras, IDF sources reported that LAF troops did respond, with live fire, to a separate incident involving hundreds of protesters who tried to infiltrate the border near the Israeli town of Metulla, resulting in several casualties.

IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Yoav “Poli” Mordechai accused Iran of instigating the border incidents. “We have one incident in Maroun a-Ras area on the Lebanese border and a second one at Majdal Shams, where we see fingerprints of Iranian provocation aimed at creating friction,” he said.

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