Propaganda as Reporting: Guardian’s coverage of today’s riots and border infiltrations

Guardian reports on today’s Nakba Day inspired violence could have been written by Syrian or Gaza state TV.

By reading the headlines, viewing the photos, and reading the accompanying text (in the three stories, here, here, and here) you’d never know that Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese initiated the attacks, riots, and infiltrations along Israel’s borders and in and around Jerusalem, nor that Iran was likely the state actor who instigated the incidents.

Of course, the only difference between the Guardian and Arab state propaganda is that the former operates under the guise of respectable journalism, yet consistently reads as anti-Zionist agitprop, Mondoweiss with a more polished veneer – headlines and prose assigning maximum malice to the Jewish state, photos depicting immutable Palestinian and Arab suffering.

Yes, the Guardian’s coverage of today’s events was entirely predictable, but the repetition of such journalistic malice doesn’t make it any less odious.

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