Vicious hate unleashed by Guardian readers inspired by Harriet Sherwood’s attack on Geoffrey Alderman

Harriet Sherwood’s rhetorical assault on Geoffrey Alderman today seems to have achieved some success in that it temporarily revived her, up until now, entirely moribund blog.  

Her “View from Jerusalem” has been a spectacular failure to date, with one post garnering an embarrassingly meager 3 comments.  Today’s post, from her “apolitical” blog, “Historian writes of ‘pleasure’ at murder of pro-Palestinian activist”, elicited 370 comments, many which were simply vicious towards Alderman, Zionism, and the Jewish community who supports Israel, proving once again that posting polemical attacks on Israel or her supporters is a tried and true method to get the attention and gain the admiration of the Guardian Left.  

Here are a few samples:

This is a classic case of projection, imputing in Zionists, not the radical Islamists who seek Israel’s destruction, the belief in a “divine right to rule and kill those who disagree.” (177 Recommends)

Israel’s supporters (Jews) are “violent, aggressive, fanatic, bigoted, and uncharitable who defend the indefensible.” (150 Recommends)

Zionists like Alderman appear to be the real terrorists (225 Recommends)

Alderman is a “disgusting human being”. (164 Recommends)

Alderman is an “evil” and “warped” man who takes pleasure in the murder of Palestinian children, in contrast to Arrigoni, who was a “charitable” “peace activist” (129 Recommends)

Zionism is an act of violence against Judaism.

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