Update on Syrian incursions on Israel’s northern border

Here’s a brief update by Israelinurse on ongoing attempts, coordinated and inspired by the Syrian regime, to infiltrate Israel’s northern borders:

Sunday night: 

1) Druze in Majdal Shams join riots from Israeli side of fence – some footage here:

One Israeli policeman was injured in the head and one journalist was injured. A Druze boy, aged 8, fell off a roof or balcony whilst watching the riots – evacuated to Rambam hospital by helicopter, which would suggest a bad head injury because that’s the only reason we evacuate by ‘copter from the Golan to Rambam – otherwise he’d have been taken to Tsfat. 

Religious (Druze) elders of Majdal seem to have been able to calm the rioters down. 

2) The White House is ‘worried‘ and apparently taking Syrian casualty figures at face value. 

3) Rioters on Syrian side camping out there overnight: refusing to go home.  Trouble expected to continue tomorrow. 

4) At Kuneitra 3 were arrested. Molotov cocktails thrown by Syrians set off fires which triggered land mines (on the Syrian side of the border), causing several deaths and injures.

Monday morning: 

1) IDF inquiry shows some protesters (8) caused their own deaths by igniting brush fires which triggered Syrian landmines.

In addition, when cease fires were called to allow the Red Cross to evacuate injured protesters continued to engage in violence – delayed evacuation and possibly contributing to fatalities. 

2) AP reports that the Syrian police are now preventing rioters from approaching the border by setting up checkpoints. 

3) IDF Chief of Staff tours border area: instructs soldiers to continue to be restrained. 

Funerals will begin tomorrow around noon in Kuneitra. IDF sure that the Syrians have inflated the numbers.

4) Israeli Police apparently are considering making the Druze villages a closed military zone over the holiday.

5) Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah comments on situation: (Translation of Hebrew report on Israeli news site by Israelinurse)

“All that is happening now in Palestine and the victories of the resistance, and what happened in the Golan – proves that the Palestinians have strong will. It proves that they are not disheartened.”

 “Today we must stand by the Palestinians with pride and especially with those who stood steadfast in the Golan against Israel and sacrificed their blood.”

“Khomeini is convinced that Israel is going towards annihilation and that its disappearance is near.”

Our faith and our region have stood against the most dangerous war in our history. All the military, intelligence, economic and psychological resources used by the US and Europe to conquer our region in order to establish a new Middle East have failed.”

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