CiF reader comments critical of the Guardian vanish without a trace.

Anne Karpf’s CiF piece on Aug. 5, France and the Holocaust: A return of the repressed, focused on a new French film, Sarah’s Key, and the reluctance of the nation to honestly come to terms with the deportation, by French Authorities, of 13,000 French Jews in 1942 – only 25 of whom survived.

Not surprisingly, the piece elicited a high volume of comments beneath the line.

Among the comments was this, by HushedSilence, responding to another commenter’s thinly veiled criticism of the influence of Jews in Hollywood – but adding an equally pertinent observation regarding the Guardian’s well-documented disproportionate focus on Israel.

And, then, well, not only can’t my primitive screen capture software take a snapshot of empty space, I couldn’t even find a funny representation of nothingness on Google Images.

The comment wasn’t simply deleted – a CiF moderator act which produces the commenter’s moniker and time of comment – but literally vanished without a trace.

Then there was this comment by MacManus on the phases of European anti-Semitism, which included an observation about the pernicious influence of the Guardian’s well-known ideological orientation.

Again, vanished.

As we’ve learned, comment may be free but criticism of the Guardian is forbidden.  

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