The BBC: Trying to present a better image of the UK by exposing “Zionist Tweets” for all to see

A Twitterer, @one_uk, who describes him/herself as a Research Correspondent for the BBC’s The One Show, who characterized his/her Twitter mission as “Trying to present a better image of the UK”, interjected the following, during the course of an exchange CiF Watch had with Yvonne Ridley (of Iranian PressTV fame) about the recent Palestinian terrorist attacks which left 8 Israelis dead.


Here’s the money Tweet:

However, perhaps realizing that such a Tweet may run afoul of the, umm, impartialiality” of the BBC, the Tweet vanished.

As you’ll see by the current timeline, the offensive Tweet, which, per the previous snapshot, was just above the Tweet by Yvonne Ridley and below one_uk’s Tweet about the 5-year old Palestinian boy, is no longer there:

And, when you go to the link for the original Tweet, you get this:

First, as our friends at Biased BBC noted:

“What the hell does a BBC employee think he’s doing letting him/herself blatantly perpetuate Palestinian propaganda without a care in the world while proudly advertising his BBC credentials for all the world to see.”

Moreover, and quite sadly, while our blog’s “Zionist Tweets” will of course continue, in light of the deleted one_uk Tweet, it doesn’t look like the world will have the opportunity to learn from our earnest BBC Research Correspondent, what we are.

Rest easy fellow conspirators, the secrets of our thousands year old Zionist Social Media Strategies are still safe! 

UPDATE: We received an email from the BBC informing us that the twitter account of @one_uk is not connected to the BBC, that it is their belief that the account is not owned by a BBC employee, and that Twitter is investigating this further.

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