A request from CiF Watch regarding the UK Riots and the Guardian’s Ethnic Radar

Per our earlier post, I was able to read through Guardian correspondent Paul Lewis’s reports on the UK Riots to confirm that his reference to Hasidic Jews indeed represented the only time he noted the race, religion, or ethnicity of rioters, looters, or bystanders (13 articles and 12000 words).

However, our blog’s resources are limited so we’d like to ask you, loyal CiF Watch reader, for some help.

In addition to the reports by Lewis, the Guardian has devoted an enormous amount of space to coverage of the riots and we humbly ask your assistance in scouring through their news reports and Live Blog coverage to see if you can find out if, other than Hasidic Jews, any other race, ethnicity, or national background is mentioned in the context of the riots.

Here’s their UK Riots page.

If you find anything to disprove my working hypothesis that Jews are the only minority group mentioned, please provide the relevant link in our comment section.


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