NiF’s Ben Murane (aka, Kung Fu Jew) compares Gilad Shalit to terrorists held in Israeli jails

H/T Noah Pollak

Ben Murane, head of New Generations for New Israel Fund, who is widely believed to comment, blog and Tweet using the moniker “Kung Fu Jew”, recently Tweeted the following:

So, those aren’t Palestinian terrorists being held in Israeli jails (as all of us unenlightened souls believe) but, rather, “political prisoners.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Murane has made such indefensible moral comparisons.

Back in 2010, he wrote that Israel is “just at fault as Hamas” for the deaths of Gaza civilians used by terrorists as human shields. He also criticized those who use the term “global Jihad,” saying, “Spreading belief in a ‘global jihad’ is the same as spreading belief in the Elders of Zion.”

Remind me again.

Oh yeah, New Israel Fund and their supporters love Israel.”

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