Prayers (selichot) for the ‘As-a-Jew’ Progressive

Cross posted by my ‘favorite’ medievalist, Richard Landes

(Selichot refers to special prayers for forgiveness, recited during the month preceding Rosh Hashanah)

Steven Plaut has put out a (perhaps too-) long list of selichot for the “Oslo Left.”

I had prepared a meditation for progressive, as-a-Jews, who feel compelled to flagellate Israel’s breast in front of the world:

  • How often have I accepted uncritically a lethal narrative aimed at my own people, just in order to “look good,” to “save face” with my friends, who expect me to rise above being a tribal, Israel-firster.
  • How often have I admitted to crimes on behalf of my people without checking to see if they were accurate?
  • How often have I failed to speak out against the depravity of the Palestinian leadership, out of fear of being called a racist and an Islamophobe?
  • How often have I allowed people who wish to destroy my people to use me to Jew-wash their genocidal hatreds.
  • How often have I been tempted to become haughty and hate my people in my heart, and feed the flames of hatred against them, because their behavior shames me in front of my honor group, the “Hamoulah of the global Left”?

Suggestions for further ones – I’m sure there are many – are welcome.

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