BREAKING: Guardian readers ‘opposed’ the Iraq War

This just in from London:


Long wrote:

Guardian readers responded with vigor to Ambassador John Bolton’s column yesterday, which defended the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Nearly everyone who took the time to comment disagreed with the war, its motives and many of Bolton’s claims.

As the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war approaches on 19 March, the Guardian is running a series of analyses about the invasion and rebuilding of Iraq.

Given that Ambassador Bolton’s views are contrarian to most on Comment is free, we specifically reached out to readers to respond. (Click here to see the reader responses they published.)


Who would have thought that those who fancy the polemical musings at the Guardian’s London salon which serves as the intellectual hub of the Red-Green Alliance – an alliance which manifested itself in a mass demo in 2003 organized by the “progressive” forces of the Islamist Muslim Association of Britain and the neo-Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party – would have opposed the US led war to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

In other news:

PressTV viewers: We don’t like Zionism so much.

New York Times readers: We believe that Roger Cohen, Nicholas Kristof and Tom Friedman possess valuable insight into how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Glenn Greenwald fans: We think that the use of drones to target jihadists may be problematic. 

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