Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism 2013

During the latter half of this week BBC Watch took part in the Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism conference which was held in Jerusalem.  With some five hundred delegates from fifty countries and six different religions, one had the opportunity to hear first-hand of the situation in countries such as France, Hungary, Greece and many more –  both in the official sessions and informal discussions.  

The chilling accounts given by some representatives were often shocking and overwhelming, but there was also cause for optimism, not least due to the forum’s focus on action-based outcomes. 

One of the most inspiring aspects of the conference was the participation of delegates of different faiths – united by recognition of the need to fight racial hatred. Some of the speeches made by Muslim leaders from Albania, Britain and France can be viewed here. Particularly notable was the address by Imam Hassan Chalgoumy of France – unfortunately not yet translated into English, but with a short summary available here.


BBC Watch took part in the working group on antisemitism on the internet and in the media. The working group’s conclusions can be seen here and the report resulting from the working group’s last meeting in 2011 can be read here


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