Israel sentences man to 3 yrs prison for insulting Judaism. (& by Israel I mean Egypt, & by Judaism I mean Islam)


As a citizen of the only truly democratic nation in the Middle East, I’d genuinely be thrilled if the political upheavals currently erupting in neighboring states resulted in real Israeli-style liberalism, tolerance, and pluralism.

However, it’s hard to ignore increasing evidence that the term “Arab Spring” – so wistfully uttered by Guardian reporters and commentators – may one day be viewed as appallingly unserious wishful thinking, and properly assigned to the dustbin of rhetorical history.

Per the Washington Post:

Egypt’s state media says a Cairo court has sentenced a man to three years in prison for postings on Facebook deemed to be inciting sectarianism and in contempt of Islam.

The MENA state news agency said Saturday a the misdemeanor court found Ayman Mansour had intentionally mocked Islam and used “outrageous and scurrilous” language in describing the religion’s holy book, the Quran, and its prophet and believers.

However, I do worry that I may one day be sentenced for the crime of intentionally mocking the far left, and using outrageous & scurrilous language in describing the religion’s holy book, the Guardian, its prophet journalists, and millions of true believers who evidently take their analysis of Mid-East politics seriously. 

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