David Ward Tweets truth to Jewish power

Those among us who are Jewish were recently castigated by David Ward MP about the historical lessons that our fellow stiff-necked co-religionists simply refuse to learn. 

On Holocaust Memorial Day earlier in the year he expressed how “saddened” he was that “Jews” who “suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust,” could, “only a few years [after] liberation from the death camps,” begin “inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel”, and “continue to do so on a daily basis”.

Ward’s reflections about the lessons Jews failed to learn from Auschwitz, Treblinka and Sobibor even failed to evoke the sympathy of the Guardian.  And, though he faced a putative ‘disciplinary’ process by his party, the Liberal Democrats, over his remarks, recent comments by Ward about his earlier ‘Shoah reflections’ demonstrate that he doesn’t possess even a hint of remorse – an observation only reinforced by a Tweet from his account two days ago:

In addition to contemplating that a British Member of Parliament seems to be fetishizing about the possible downfall of the Jewish state, it’s also worth noting that, shortly after his Holocaust remarks in January, Ward attempted to contextualize the onslaught of criticism he was receiving by warning of “a huge operation out there, a machine almost, which is designed to protect the state of Israel from criticism.”

So, you see, the MP from Bradford East is not ‘merely’ lecturing Jews on their shameful immorality, and fantasizing on the inevitable implosion of the Zionist entity, but is indeed ‘breaking the silence’ and boldly refusing to surrender to the suffocating control of ‘the lobby’.  Ward fancies himself a brave soul who dares to speak truth to Jewish power.  

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