BBC Weather doesn’t know in which country Jerusalem is located

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If, perchance, you decided to search for the weather forecast for London on the BBC Weather website you would also be offered the additional option of checking out the weather in the country in which that city is situated. 

weather London

The same option exists for other cities, capitals or not. Here, for example is Athens:

weather Athens

And here is New York:

Weather NY

If you happen to be looking for the weather forecast for Tel Aviv, you will naturally also be offered the option “Israel”.

weather Tel Aviv

But if your search was for Israel’s capital city, well…that city is not located in any country at all according to the BBC.

weather Jerusalem

However, it seems that the BBC does manage to be rather less precious when it comes to other cities surrounded by controversy. According to the BBC Weather website, Gibraltar is situated in Gibraltar:

weather Gibraltar

Nicosia – a city divided by a ‘green line’ – is situated in Cyprus: 

weather Nicosia

El Aaiun is listed as being located in Western Sahara: 

weather EL Aaiun

And the capital of Tibet is situated in China. 

weather Lhasa

Go figure…

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