The Tripod: CAMERA links in three languages: August 5th Edition

Here’s our daily roundup of posts from CAMERA affiliated sites.

The Guardian or PressTV? Iran’s president to export the Iranian Revolution “peacefully”: Guardian continues to run interference for the largest exporter of state sponsored terrorism in the world. (CiF Watch)

BBC showcases convicted anti-Israel activist in context-free illustrationPhoto of known amateur dramatics provocateur from Bil’in used by BBC to illustrate ‘the conflict’ . (BBC Watch)

BBC advertising revenue from countries restricting press & internet freedomNon-UK visitors to the BBC website see advertising which in some cases promotes countries with a less than pristine record on internet and press freedom . (BBC Watch )

BBC tones down Iranian rhetoric and extremismThe BBC portrayed Hassan Rouhani’s Al Quds day comments as though they related only to certain parts of Israel . (BBC Watch )

BBC Israel focus in numbers – July 2013Over a thousand people were killed in terrorist attacks in Iraq during July, but Israel still got more coverage on the BBC News website. (BBC Watch )

Difficult to Trust Those Who Advocate for TerroristsThe Palestinian Authority continues to praise terrorists. (In Focus)

The Media Continues to Invent BoycottsA recent erroneous report of a Dutch boycott of settlement goods was little more than bad journalism. (Presspectiva)

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