Note to Gary Younge: The year 2002 called, and they want their Ha’aretz link back!

Gary Younge, a Guardian feature writer, didn’t focus his latest essay at ‘Comment is Free’ on Israel but, rather, on the potential U.S. military intervention in Syria. Nonetheless, Younge, in opining against an American attack against Bashar al-Assad, based largely on what he claims is the nation’s moral hypocrisy, couldn’t help but add this throwaway line about the ‘truculent’ Zionists he’s taken aim at in the past:

The problem for America in all of this is that its capacity to impact diplomatic negotiations is limited by the fact that its record of asserting its military power stands squarely at odds with its pretensions of moral authority. 

Its chief ally in the region, Israel, holds the record for ignoring UN resolutions,

Whilst it’s difficult to take seriously those, like Younge, who don’t understand the endemic and obsessive anti-Zionist bias at the United Nations (and UN Human Rights Council), I was nonetheless curious about Israel’s ‘world record’ of snubbing the esteemed international club of despots, and so opened the link in the passage highlighted.

Here’s where it takes you:


The Ha’aretz report, citing a “study” on Israel’s refusal to heed the advice of many countries hostile to its very existence (written by an apologist for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad named Stephen Zunes), is eleven years old.

Whilst, relatedly, we have been indeed noticing a greater tendency by Guardian contributors to use actual links in support of their often fantastical allegations about Israel, as we revealed recently about Glenn Greenwald (who tried to hoodwink readers into believing that President Obama intentionally kills Muslim civilians), the links they use often don’t even minimally buttress their claims.

In Gary Younge’s case, we’d humbly recommend that, when assaulting Israel’s legitimacy in the future, he should attempt to cite sources which are more recent than, say, 2002!

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