Rouhani casts “moderate” degree of doubt on whether the Holocaust happened

Yesterday, we posted about a report, by the Guardian’s Washington Bureau Chief Dan Roberts, on a recent NBC interview with Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani.  Roberts, in typical Guardian fashion, managed to only include those quotes from the interview which made Rouhani sound moderate, and completely avoided any mention of his anti-Israel vitriol – which NBC highlighted in their report on the interview – and his answer to a question about his predecessor’s Holocaust denial.

Here’s the video clip of the brief exchange on the Holocaust between Rouhani and NBC’s Ann Curry.


The journalist’s omission isn’t an isolated mistake but, rather, part of a broader pattern at the Guardian (which we’ve posted about previously) of running interference for the Iranian leadership, and attempting to impute moderation to a regime which is among the world’s leaders in exporting terrorism, and has repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction.

Would a genuine political “moderate” ever deny or in any manner cast doubt upon the Nazis’ extermination of six million Jews?

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