Confirmed: Harriet Sherwood announces her departure from Jerusalem

A source recently forwarded us the following email, confirming information we had received a couple of weeks ago.

harriet sherwoodWe have been monitoring Sherwood’s work at the Guardian since her debut as their Jerusalem correspondent in July of 2010, and though in many ways her coverage was fully consistent with the politics of the Guardian Left, pro-Palestinian circles in which she travels, we also published a few posts which noted her modest growth as a reporter. 

Here are a few of the more popular CiF Watch posts about Sherwood’s reporting.

1. Harriet Sherwood does her bit for BDS

2.  Harriet Sherwood’s Munich Massacre story follows Guardian rule on obscuring Palestinian terrorism

3. Rosy’s: Follow-up on the Gaza spa where Harriet Sherwood got her open-air prison pedicure

4.  Where in the world was Harriet Sherwood? Well beyond the 3 nautical mile limit from Gaza coast

5. Harriet Sherwood gets it right.

6Sherwood in Jerusalem: a six month overview

7Harriet Sherwood parrots false charge of ‘Water Apartheid’

8Harriet Sherwood misleads on religious significance of the Western Wall

9Palestinian textbooks erase Israel. Harriet Sherwood erases moral distinctions.

10. Harriet Sherwood gets it right about settlers and violence.

11. Harriet Sherwood’s moral equivalence in reporting the murders in Itamar

We’ll update you when Sherwood’s permanent replacement at the Jerusalem desk is announced. 

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