CiF Watch prompts Economist correction – admits Kochav Ya'ir is neither fanatical nor a settlement

In our post on May 8th we demonstrated that, contrary to claims made in an Economist article about the late Lehi leader Avraham (Ya’ir) Stern, the town named after Stern, Kochav Ya’ir, is neither a settlement (as it falls squarely within the green line) nor ‘fanatical’ (which we determined by citing the city’s left-leaning voting habits, per results from the last election).  
Here’s the relevant sentence in the May 3rd Economist article:

One of the most fanatical settlements, Kochav Yair, is named after [Stern]

A few days after contacting editors at the Economist, they acknowledged their error, revised the passage in question and added this addendum:
Strangely though, though Kochav Ya’ir was removed from the original sentence, the article still claims that an Israeli settlement named after Stern is ‘fanatical’ – yet fails to inform readers which settlement they’re referring to.  
Here’s how it reads now:

One of the most fanatical settlements is named after him.

It’s possible they’re referring to the outpost of Ya’ir Farm (which is indeed named after Ya’ir Stern) but it’s a bit odd that they don’t say so.
We again contacted editors to ask which settlement they’re now referring to, and will update this post if we get a reply.

UPDATE: See Yair Rosenberg’s essay at Tablet addressing the Economist article, here.

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