Focus below the line: Guardian readers 'reflect' on Israel and the Jews

cifThough the large volume of articles and op-eds at the Guardian and its blog ‘Comment is Free’ (CiF), and elsewhere in the UK media, containing distortions or false claims naturally keep us pretty busy, we have also – since our founding in 2009 – regularly monitored reader comments below the line at ‘CiF’ to see if the moderation process is fair and consistent with their ‘community standards‘.  
This post is part of a series which will re-focus on the problem of biased moderation at CiF – particularly, reader comments which are off-topic, ad hominem or antisemitic, and yet not deleted by moderators.
Today we focus on a ‘CiF’ contributor with the moniker MikePilgrim, who left quite a few comments over the last few days.
(The following comments were not deleted by CiF moderators at the time this post was published.)
12 June, 9:29am
14 June, 10:47am
one14 June, 10:08am
12 June, 11:07pm
12 June, 9:19pm
12 June, 9:00pm
12 June, 9:31pm
12 June, 9:08pm
12 June, 8:01pm

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