Third example of BBC promotion of the lie that Israel deliberately targets civilians

In the past couple of days we have already documented here two instances of BBC promotion and amplification of the false claim that Israel deliberately targets civilians in the Gaza Strip (see here and here) in written reports on the BBC News website.Knell filmed PCHR
On July 9th the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Yolande Knell produced a filmed report – broadcast to television audiences around the world and also promoted to millions more on the BBC News website under the title “Gaza death toll rises as air strikes continue” – which amplified and promoted the same inaccurate claim from the head of a political NGO – the PCHR.
In that report, the BBC aired footage of Raji Sourani saying:

“This is a third consecutive war against Gaza since 2008 and Israel always, I mean, do target the civilians and they are in the eye of the storm.”

In actual fact, Israel of course does its utmost to avoid civilian casualties in a territory in which terrorists fire missiles from, and store military grade weapons in, residential areas – turning the local civilian population into human shields.
On three separate occasions now the BBC has deliberately amplified what it knows full well to be a lie propagated for the purpose of political propaganda.  That is not accurate and impartial journalism: it is self-conscription to the public relations campaign of a terrorist organisation and its supporters.  

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