Will the Guardian update their report on Ziad Abu Ein to note he died of a heart attack?

As we noted yesterday, the Guardian published a report (and video) on the death of Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ein, who died shortly after a brief confrontation with IDF soldiers during a protest north of Ramallah, which all but ignored substantive evidence corroborating Israeli claims that Abu Ein likely died of a heart attack, not as the result of trauma.

ziad-abu-ein-The report, by Peter Beaumont, almost entirely focused (and lent substantial credibility to) Palestinian claims that he died as the result of a strike – alternately explained as either a punch, kick or gun butt to the head, or by the impact of a tear gas canister – administered by an Israeli soldier.  
Well, about 30 minutes ago it was reported that a joint Israeli-Palestinian autopsy of Abu Ein – a former terrorist convicted of planting a bomb that killed two Israeli teens in the late 70s – concluded that he indeed died from a stress-induced heart attack.

the report, being led by Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli pathologists, said the death was caused by blockage in the coronary artery, and there were signs of light internal bleeding and localized pressure on the neck.
The deceased suffered from heart disease, and there was evidence that plaque buildup were clogging more than 80% of his blood vessels, as well as signs that he had suffered heart attacks in the past.

Now, we’ll wait and see if the Guardian will update their coverage to note that Israeli claims – at this point – clearly seem to be vindicated.

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