Another British journalist evidently believes that Tel Aviv is Israel's capital

We don’t know much about UK-based journalist Jon Stone, other than the fact he used to work for BuzzFeed and now contributes to publications such as the Independent, where he published a story on Dec. 30th.
The article, about a recent Delta flight from New York to Tel Aviv which was slightly delayed after a few ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers refused to sit next to women, included the following passages:

This is the third widely reported incident in the last few months in which ultra-Orthodox Jewish men have delayed a flight by asking to be segregated from women.
On the eve of the Jewish festival Rosh Hashana in October, a flight, also between New York and Tel Aviv, was delayed by an hour after a group of Haredim refused to sit next to women.
In this case, passengers ultimately left the plane before take-off.
A month earlier in September an El Al flight descended into an “11-hour long nightmare” after a group of Haredi Jewish passengers refused to sit next to women.
The ultra-Orthodox passengers, also travelling between New York and the Israeli capital, agreed to sit in their assigned seats for take-off but only after delaying the plane and offering money to switch seats with other passengers.

Of course, as UK media outlets (including the Guardian and Times of London) have needed to be reminded over the years, Tel Aviv is not Israel’s capital.
The nation’s capital is Jerusalem. 

Israeli Knesset located in Jerusalem
Israeli Knesset located in Jerusalem

As CAMERA previously argued in a post about the Guardian’s error over the status of Jerusalem, regardless of diplomatic decisions to locate embassies in Tel Aviv rather than Jerusalem, “to deny reality by stating [or suggesting] that Tel Aviv is the capital, when it demonstrably is not, provides an example of a news source allowing dogma to overrule physical reality.”

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