UK Media Watch prompts Daily Express to remove Israel from ‘worst places for Christians’ list

On Dec. 28th we posted about an extraordinarily misleading article published in the Daily Express.

The British tabloid actually put Israel atop a list purporting to “reveal” the “worst places to be Christian during Christmas” – a list which included countries like Syria and Iraq where Christians have of course faced massacres and ethnic cleansing.

daily express

As we noted, not only is it false to suggest that Israel oppresses its Christian population, but the truth is that the Jewish state is the only nation in the region whose Christian population is in thriving, and where the rights of this beleaguered Mid-East minority is consistently protected.

Following our post, we complained to Daily Express editors and tweeted the journalist responsible for the article.  Our post got a large number of social media shares, including this tweet from Father Gabriel Nadaf,  the spiritual father of the Aramean Christian community in Israel and a promoter of Christian IDF recruitment.


This morning, we noticed that the Daily Express responded to our criticism, and completely removed Israel from their list of ‘worst places to be a Christian this Christmas’. 


Thanks to all of you who tweeted and shared our complaints. 

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