Illegal weapons production in PA areas not news for BBC

BBC coverage of terror attacks against Israelis in recent months has included several reports on incidents in which automatic weapons were used – for example:No news

“The three Palestinians were challenged by the border guards, who asked to see their identification cards, Israeli police said.

At least one then produced a firearm and shot the guards. Other Israeli security forces at the scene then shot and killed the three assailants.

Police said the men were carrying three automatic weapons, as well as knives and two pipe-bombs.” (‘Jerusalem attack: Israeli border guard dies after shooting’, BBC News website, 03/02/2016)

“Two Palestinians from the occupied West Bank opened fire on shoppers and diners at the Sarona precinct, officials said. […]

The two gunmen, who were smartly dressed, opened fire with automatic weapons on diners and passers-by after sitting down and ordering food at one of the complex’s restaurants.” (‘Tel Aviv shooting: Israel suspends Palestinian permits’, BBC News website, 09/06/2016)

The BBC has however shown no interest in informing audiences of the origins of automatic weapons used in such attacks and so it came as no surprise to see that the latest in a series of efforts by the Israeli security forces to combat illegal weapons production in PA controlled areas has gone unreported – notwithstanding the involvement of Palestinian Authority security personnel.

“Israeli forces arrested four Palestinian men outside of Nablus on Sunday night, including two members of the Palestinian security service, who are believed to be involved in the production and sale of illegal weapons in the West Bank and Israel, the Shin Bet security agency said.

Numerous guns, ammunition and four drill presses, believed to have been used to create improvised weapons, were also seized in the raid, which took place in the village of Urif, just south of Nablus in the northern West Bank, the Shin Bet said.

During the raid, Israeli forces picked up Assem Najah Sharif Safadi and Ali Najah Sharif Safadi, residents of Urif who serve as intelligence officers in the Palestinian Authority’s security service, the Shin Bet said.”

Yet again we see that the BBC’s funding public gets some of the news, some of the time.

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