BBC acknowledges inaccuracy three and a half months on but fails to correct

Three and a half months ago we noted that listeners to the June 15th edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘The World Tonight’ had been told no fewer than three times that Israel had annexed parts of Jerusalem, including the Old City, in 1967.


CAMERA UK submitted a complaint on that issue which we were informed on June 30th would take more time to address. On July 21st we were told that the time limit for handling the complaint had expired.

On October 1st we received the following communication:

“Thank you for contacting us about the terminology we used when reporting on Jerusalem Day on The World Tonight on 15 June. We apologise for our delayed response.

We have discussed your concerns with the team at The World Tonight. Though East Jerusalem has been occupied by Israel since 1967, Israel annexed East Jerusalem with the law that you cite in 1980, so the programme team acknowledge that the presenter should have used the word “occupation” rather than “annexation” in reference to Israel’s actions in East Jerusalem since 1967.”

Despite that acknowledgement, the programme remains online in its original form and according to the blurb, will be available “for over a year” to come.

CAMERA UK has hence submitted a follow-up complaint requesting that the recording be edited at the three relevant points (04:11, 38:53 and 43:37) in order to ensure that additional listeners are not materially misled by that inaccuracy.  

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