Economist frames antisemitic tweets as merely ‘anti-Israel’

An Oct. 16th Economist article, “A prominent academic resigns after benefactors try to exert influence over her curriculum”, included several examples of academics whose careers were allegedly harmed due to the influence of university donors, including the following:

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign rescinded a job offer for a professor after his public criticism of Israel’s behaviour in the 2014 Gaza conflict prompted donors’ threats to withdraw their gifts.

Though they oddly don’t name the professor, it’s clearly a reference to Steven Salaita.  However, contrary to the Economist’s claim, Salaita’s job offer wasn’t rescinded after his “criticism of Israel’s behavior”, but because of virulently antisemitic tweets, such as these:

If the author of the article wanted to argue, on academic freedom grounds, that Salaita was treated unfairly, that’s legitimate. But, to frame such racist comments as merely ‘anti-Israel’ is dishonest, and grossly misleads readers.

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