No BBC follow-up reporting on alleged Cyprus terror plot

Earlier this month the BBC News website published a report about a “Cyprus alleged hitman plot” which was discussed here.

No follow-up reporting on that story has appeared on either the site’s ‘Middle East’ page or its ‘Cyprus’ page. BBC audiences are therefore unaware that an additional suspect was arrested last week. 

“A second suspect has reportedly been arrested in Cyprus in connection with an alleged plot to assassinate one or more Israeli businesspeople in Cyprus last month.

According to a local Cypriot website, a 27-year-old food delivery worker originally from Pakistan was arrested on Tuesday evening after a police raid on his home. Authorities reportedly seized a number of items from his residence.

Cypriot authorities were previously said to be probing an Azeri national on terror suspicions as part of the alleged plot. That suspect was ordered held in custody another six days during a hearing last week, according to Cypriot reports.”

Neither has the BBC informed its audiences that local media outlets have reported that “Cypriot authorities now believe terrorism is the most likely motive in last month’s alleged plot to assassinate one or more Israeli businesspeople in Cyprus”.

In other words, all BBC audiences know about this developing story is the vague and unhelpful ‘he said-she said’ account published nearly two weeks ago.

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  1. says: Grimey

    The BBC is Iran’s puppet. We all know that (except the UK government – being sh*t-scared of the Muslim and woke brigades).

  2. says: Neil C

    Indeed Grimey, it seems the government (via the BBC) are bending over backwards and forwards (necessary I understand for brown tonguing) to accommodate Iran, Islam and stifle anyone who attempts to tell the truth about the intended Western Caliphate #defundthebbc

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