British outlet corrects false claim about US Iron Dome funding

Last week we posted about an op-ed at the British outlet i news , written by their foreign correspondent Michael Day, which grossly mislead readers on the issue of West Bank settlements, and included one straight out factual error, in this sentence:

…Israeli defence minister Benny Gantz arrived in Washington, cap in hand, in search of $1bn in emergency military aid in order to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome defences and restock its bomb supplies.

As we noted in our post, the $1bn in US aid was only for the Iron Dome defence system, not for offensivebomb supplies”, a fact we demonsrated to to editors by citing the full text of the legislation passed by the US House of Representatives in late September authorising the funding.

Our complaint was upheld, and the following correction was published in the Nov. 3 print edition.

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