Sky News corrects claim that Australia ‘recognised Tel Aviv’ as capital

We tweeted several Sky News editors and journalsts before one responded, upholding our complaint regarding an Oct. 19 Sky News article, written by Amarachi Orie, falsely claiming that Australia recognised Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital.  The article in question focused on news that officials in Canberra had rescinded the previous government’s recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

However, the country’s decision to no longer recognise Jerusalem didn’t mean that it therefore recognised Tel Aviv as the capital – as the official government statement on the matter from the foreign ministry shows.

Here’s the original Sky News headline:

(The opening text of the original version of the article also included this claim)

Here’s the revised version, after our complaint was upheld:

(The opening sentence’s false claim was also corrected.)

Additionally, earlier in the week, our CAMERA colleague Tamar Sternthal prompted corrections to the same error at multiple media outlets – including Associate Press.

AP, Forbes & More Correct: Australia Did Not Recognize Tel Aviv As Israel’s Capital

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