Weekend long read

1) The ITIC reports on ‘Palestinian adolescents in the service of the terrorist organizations in Judea and Samaria’.

“The deaths of children and adolescents in clashes with the Israeli security forces serve the terrorist organizations as material to use in propaganda and lawfare against Israel. After every death, the senior Palestinian figures, media and social networks rush to represent Israel as deliberate, cold-blooded killers of children and adolescents.

Giving children and adolescents military and semi-military training to prepare them to confront Israeli security forces is widespread. Thousands of adolescents undergo ideological indoctrination at school and in the summer camps run by the terrorist organizations.”

2) At the JCPA Yoni Ben Menachem discusses ‘Iran Supporting New West Bank Terrorist Groups with Money and Weapons’.

“After arming Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Iran moved in the last year to support the new terrorist groups in the northern West Bank. Iran has been pouring money into the Islamic Jihad organization, which began to establish new armed groups under the name of “Battalions,” which also include terrorists from other organizations such as Fatah, Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. First, the “Jenin Battalion” was established in the city of Jenin, followed the “Nablus Battalion.””

3) At the Fathom Journal, John Ware writes about the court cases concerning his 2019 BBC Panorama documentary about antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour Party.

“Is it just coincidence that of the 100 or more documentaries I have made, this one about antisemitism attracted by far the most venomous criticism, and was subjected to vastly more scrutiny in multiple forums: the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit, Ofcom, and the courts, both by way of Judicial Review, and Defamation? To the intense frustration of the Corbynites, it has survived scrutiny in all of them.”

4) The CST has published its report on antisemitic discourse in Britain in 2021 which includes the Oxford Street incident in late November of that year.

“At the end of November, a group of young Jews driving around central London in a bus to celebrate the festival of Chanukah was attacked on Oxford Street. A group of three men approached the bus, shouted antisemitic abuse, made gestures and spat at them. A video of the incident was shared widely on social media. The Metropolitan Police said they were investigating the incident as an antisemitic hate crime. […]

The brazenness of the incident itself, combined with the public argument over the BBC’s reporting of it, caused immense anger and upset in the Jewish community.”

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