Times corrects false claim about Palestinian killed in Jenin

We recently posted about an article by Catherine Philp at The Times that attempted to undermine evidence showing that Abdulrahman Hasan Ahmad Hardan, one of the Palestinians killed during the two-day IDF military operation in Jenin, was in fact a Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist.

One of the arguments made by Philp in an effort to prove her point can be seen in the following sentence:

When Islamic Jihad posted photographs of its claimed martyrs, Abdulrahman was the only one not pictured with a firearm.

However, as a post on the official Telegram channel of PIJ shows, Abdulrahman was NOT the only one of the eight fighters pictured without a firearm. As you can see in their graphic, the bottom five Palestinians out of the eight shown similarly aren’t holding a weapon.

Editors promptly upheld our complaint and deleted the sentence in question.

This correction is important, because it further erodes the Times’ extraordinarily flimsy argument that the 16 year old Palestinians was not a PIJ fighter.

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  1. says: Grimey

    These vile, antisemitic so-called reporters who encourage terrorism and murder of innocent civilians have blood on their hands – but perhaps that is what they want.

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