Excuses for terror on the BBC News TV channel

On October 7th, as the horrific multiple terror attacks in southern Israel were still ongoing, the BBC’s 24-hour UK television channel BBC News ran various reports and interviews relating to that story.

Among the items presented by Lucy Hockings was an interview with the BBC Gaza bureau’s Rushdi Abualouf.  The framing of the background to the events as presented by Hockings – and supported by Abualouf – was particularly notable for its efforts to ‘explain’ to the BBC’s domestic audience why hundreds of terrorists from the Gaza Strip had invaded Israel, murdered random victims in the streets and in their cars and homes and taken scores of civilians including children, elderly women and foreign nationals hostage while other terrorists launched thousands of missile attacks against Israeli towns.

Hockings: “It seems now that so much of what is happening is in the hands of young, angry, militant men who have weapons and have given up on any kind of peace process – certainly given up on the Palestinian Authority – and believe that this is the only way forward. Can you describe for us, when you speak to some of these people, what they tell you about the future? Why they feel that this is the only action they could take?”

Rather than clarifying to Hockings and viewers that Hamas and other terrorist organisations which took part in the attacks such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have never been interested in any kind of “peace process” and have not “given up” on the Palestinian Authority because they have always been opposed to it, Abualouf expanded on the narrative advanced by Hockings with references to the “blockade”, “lack of jobs”, “lack of opportunity” and “the quality of life”.

(apologies for the video sound quality)

Introducing another interviewee several minutes later, Hockings again came up with excuses for terrorism which included another reference to “the peace process” in which the terrorists indiscriminately murdering Israeli civilians are not remotely interested.

Hockings: “The game changer has been years of occupation, the way that their lives in the West Bank and Gaza are controlled by Israel, the fact that they have…essentially Netanyahu’s government has abandoned the peace process. If you live in Gaza as a young man, it’s likely [unintelligible] that they feel this was their only option.”

The BBC knows full well that Hamas is not interested in any kind of ‘peace process’ and that it is committed to Israel’s destruction. One must therefore ask why Hockings’ irrelevant pontifications on that topic were presented to BBC television audiences at all when they clearly contributed absolutely nothing to audience understanding of the subject matter.

The “young, angry, militant men” who murdered people at a bus stop, set fire to civilians’ homes, killed partygoers and indiscriminately slaughtered motorists are motivated by an ideology that the BBC refuses to address. By avoiding that topic, the corporation whitewashes terrorism and turns the perpetrators of vicious atrocities into victims.

There is no excuse for the BBC’s promotion of such obviously politically motivated narratives which – particularly in light of its longstanding refusal to even name terrorists as such – actively and deliberately hinders audience understanding of this story and many others.

There is an urgent need to address the issue of how that editorial policy employed by a publicly funded national broadcaster which is obliged to “help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom” influences opinions and events on the streets of towns and cities in Britain.

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  1. says: Grimey

    The BBC is a traitorous and treacherous institution, heavily infiltrated by arabists who want and plan only for the destruction of Israel. Hopefully, government will now review its pro-Iran and pro-Hamas reporting of the disgusting atrocities committed by Hamas and review its broadcasting licence.

  2. says: Neil C

    Arrest all associates of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, employed by the BBC. Mmm, there again, would that leave anyone left there apart from the fat cat useless managers and the Linekars of this world. #defundthebbc

  3. says: tiki

    Can you change palestinians, suddenly becoming lovers of Zion? No you can’t.

    Can you change the BBC, suddenly telling the truth about this conflict? No you can’t.

    Every alphabet starts with an A, every conflict begins at the beginning.

    When you start at the end, mold your facts to match your narrative & don’t know any history…..it’s the receipe for a never ending conflict

    So let’s start at the beginning: After the Romans, Turks/Brits…., the Jordanians occupied the area in 1948 (Jewish since 10 000 BCE) after a war with the goal to eradicate Israel & it’s citizens. They threw out/killed all the Jews living there for thousands of years and kept it for 19 years until 1967 when they lost it through another war (6 day war)

    Did they restore the “palestinian dynasty” or rebuild “historic palestine” with “east” Jerusalem as it’s capital? Of course not, because they already lived in Palestine (80% of the inhabitants of Jordan are palestinian ARABS)

    These 19 years of Jordanian occupation of ancient Jewish provinces of Judea & Samaria does NOT make them owners. NO, the so called palestinians weren’t deprived of anything. Had the Arabs not started their war in 1948 not one palestinian ARAB would have been a refugee.

    Question? How did 650,000 palestinian “refugees” become “a people” of 6 million refugees, despite having citizenship in other countries & being financed billions by the UNWRA (from your tax $).

    Why did 750,000 Jews after being thrown out without anything from their homes in Arab countries not become refugees for 75 years?

    Where are all the millions of refugees from WW2?

    Only the palestinian refugee has kept his eternal refugee status, inherited generation after generation… as live ammunition against the Jewish State.

    Why was the ‘Palestine Liberation Organisation’ erected in ‘1964, when “palestine//west bank & E-Jerusalem were in Jordanian hands and freed by Israel only in ‘1967. Which part of ‘palestine’ did they want to liberate?

    As long as the West keeps supporting & financing the palestinian farce (the biggest lie of modern history), the problem will continue. The West will stop doing so…….the problem will be solved!

    Time to change the scenario of fiction with the book of facts.

    But I understand. The most difficult things in life are getting rid of your brainwashed principles, admit you were wrong & say sorry.

    So I don’t have much hope for the future.

  4. says: Mik Liska

    Still, and in light of the history you summarize well, the Palestinians should have a civilized country if they can keep it, no? That’s what the deal put forth by the UN in ’47 was, right.
    It’s just and sustainable for the region to allow the Palestinians hope and dignity if and only if they don’t get greedy and persist in wanting to wipe out Israelis. And in the same vein, the nation of Israel should yield back the west bank with settlements going back to Palestine if need be. Yes wipe out the idea of annihilating Israel, through giving Palestinians some hope of having their own country. Bring Hamas to defeat and justice as a future deterent to Iran and her minions. Don’t be so greedy to think you can wipe out the legitimate peaceful Palestinian who wants some kind of nation, with it’s own airport and harbor, etc… Keep giving Palestinians the conditions to run an upstanding country, while not ceasing to monitor and defend against their extremism.

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