Hamas leader debunks some BBC narratives

Among the narratives promoted by the BBC in recent years is the claim that Palestinian leaders aspire to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2017 the BBC dismissed our complaint pointing out that Hamas and additional Palestinian factions reject that concept.

Also in 2017 BBC audiences were told that Hamas had dropped its “long-standing call for an outright destruction of Israel” and that it continues to be a “resistance movement” because the peace process is stalled.  

Another widely promoted BBC narrative attributes problems in the Gaza Strip – such as healthcare, unemployment, poverty, poor infrastructure and utilities – to the counter-terrorism measures introduced by Israel and Egypt after Hamas’ violent take-over of the territory in 2007.

Earlier this week Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh gave an interview to a Qatari media outlet (translated by MEMRI) in which he contradicted the BBC’s narrative concerning the two-state solution and explained why Hamas recently rejected an opportunity to end the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

“Ismail Haniyeh, the Head of the Hamas Political Bureau, said in a July 26, 2020 interview on Lusail News (Qatar) that Israel has previously agreed to the establishment of an airport and seaport in the Gaza Strip in exchange for ceasefire, but that the Palestinian Authority and other Arab parties have blocked this from taking place under the pretext that it would constitute a separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He said that under such an arrangement, Gaza would become like Singapore. He then claimed that a certain Arab country has offered as much as $15 billion for ports and economic projects in Gaza. Haniyeh explained, however, that Hamas completely rejected these offers because this would require it “to disband the military wings of the factions.”

He said that Hamas is absolutely unwilling to relinquish its weapons, the resistance, Palestinian prisoners in Israel, or the Palestinian Right of Return. He also said that the Palestinians want an airport, a seaport, and other projects in Gaza because they are “entitled” to them. He emphasized that Hamas will not recognize the State of Israel, that Palestine must stretch from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, and that Jerusalem must be the capital of Palestine. He added that Hamas does not fear war, but that it is best to postpone it if possible.”

Unsurprisingly, BBC audiences have to date seen no reporting on the topic of that interview.

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  1. says: G Lewis

    BBC promotes the silly trope that the PA wants a 2SS (two state solution) in order to show Israel in a bad light.
    Meanwhile the whole world knows that is the last thing the PA wants – as it will lose its refugee status and begging rights to the EU and elsewhere.

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