Round-up of media coverage of the war – Oct. 17 (Hamas propaganda edition)

The unprecedented multi-front attacks on Israelis carried out by the terror group Hamas on October 7th  (both the Sabbath and a Jewish holiday) included thousands of missile attacks, the indiscriminate murder of over 1,400 Israelis (mostly civilians) and the wounding of thousands more. It also included rape, mutilation and torture – including against children.  The October 7 attack was the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

This is our latest compilation of British media errors, omissions, distortions and propaganda in their coverage of the war:

Sky peddles Hamas propaganda on civilian convoy attack

We complained to Sky News editors.

Another deranged accusation that Israel is plotting to ‘ethnically cleanse’ Gaza – this time at Sky News.

Guardian continues to promote voices framing the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust as an Israeli plot to ethnically cleanse Palestinians

Indy gets Israeli death count wrong

The Independent’s Middle East correspondent claimed, in a Oct. 17 article, that 900 Israelis were killed by Hamas during their attack which began on Oct. 7, while the actual number is over 1,400.

We complained to Trew and her editors about this error, and they corrected the sentence:

Guardian op-ed by BDS leader Omar Barghouti calls it racist to call Hamas’s massacre of Jews unprovoked.

The BDS movement has always denied ‘claims’ that they are antisemitic – despite a plethora of evidence proving otherwise.

An op-ed by BDS leader Omar Barghouti published in the Guardian yesterday should erase any doubts of the intrinsic bigotry of their movement, as it, in effect, excused Hamas’s massacre, torture and mutilation of Jews on Oct. 7, and alleged that media outlets who write that the attack was unprovoked are guilty of racism against Palestinians.

Owen Jones is latest Guardian columnist to peddle the conspiracy theory that Israel will ethnically cleanse Palestinians

Despite clear evidence that it was Islamic Jihad, Guardian uses ‘he said, she said’ to frame hospital attack.

Evidently not wanting to do anything to hinder the hate-fests taking place around the globe in response to the explosion next to a Gaza City hospital yesterday, the Guardian ignored incontrovertible evidence of Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s (PIJ) responsibility for the blast, and continued to give credibility to Hamas’s claims.

The Guardian piece by Sam Jones (“More protests expected across Middle East after Gaza hospital blast”, Oct. 18) included this:

Further furious rallies and protests are expected across the Middle East and north Africa on Wednesday after the blast at a Gaza hospital that killed at least 200 people.

Hamas has blamed Tuesday’s explosion at al-Ahli Arab hospital on an Israeli airstrike. The Israeli military says the hospital was hit by a rocket barrage launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group, which has denied responsibility.

As we said, the evidence, at this point, that a PIJ rocket hit the hospital, is overwhelming. See the videos in this tweet thread – which includes an intercepted phone call between terror operatives in Gaza admitting that PIJ was responsible.

Private Eye goes to bat for Hamas

The new issue of the British current affairs magazine Private Eye responded to the the largest massacre of Jewish civilians since the Holocaust by – echoing the propaganda of the terror group who committed the atrocity – suggesting that Gaza was in danger of genocide by Israel.

Campaign Against Antisemitism responded to Private Eye’s ghastly headline thusly:

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