Guardian erases antisemitism and extremism from London hate march

Over a month since the most lethal and barbaric antisemitic attack since the Holocaust was perpetrated by Palestinian extremists in Gaza, pro-Palestinian demos have taken place weekly in London which have failed to condemn the Hamas massacre or demand the release of the 240+ hostages (including children) illegally held by the terror group.

In fact, since the first such march a couple of days after Oct, 7, the marches have included many chants, banners and other actions indicating varying levels of support for the mass murder of Jews committed by the proscribed terror group

Further as the Telegraph reported last week, half of the main organisers of yesterday’s march, which coincided with Armistice Day, were affiliated with Hamas. This includes Muhammad Kathem Sawalha, who led the terror group in the West Bank in the late 1980s and is alleged to have “masterminded” its military strategy with involvement as recently as 2019, before moving to Britain.

As we noted in a post about last week’s march, which was similarly framed by British media outlets as ‘peaceful’, reporters seemed determined to reach that conclusion regardless of the facts on the ground.

While it’s been noted that many marched peacefully, many acted in an openly antisemitic fashion, included displaying grotesque caricatures of puppetmasters, references to Zionism as a disease, placards and recited chants that called for Palestine to be free “from the river to the sea’ – a widely understood as a call for the elimination of the state of Israel and the murder or total displacement of its seven-million strong Jewish population.

Here’s some of the evidence undermining media reports suggesting that yesterday’s march, which drew hundreds of thousands of people, was ‘peaceful’.

“With blood and steadfast we’ll free Aqsa”

Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, mobbed by pro-Palestinian protesters

Protesters dressed up as Hamas terrorists

Another ‘peaceful’ sign at the London protest

Pamphlets praising Hamas on sale

More hate

Police looking for this woman

Man attacked for criticising Hamas

Antisemitism caught on camera

Death to all Jews

‘Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the Army of Mohammed will Return’ (Reference to a seventh-century massacre of the Jews)

Mum helps her child with sign warning Jews of their fate


From the river to the sea…

Protesters fighting with police


Protesters harassing Jews outside of a synagogue in northwest London (The Telegraph cited multiple reports of police having to escort congregants from another London synagogue away in groups “for their own safety”.)

Condemnations of Hamas – even while criticising Israel – weren’t allowed

This, by Nile Gardiner, pretty much sums it up:

Now, the Gaslighting:

Channel 4 News 

Their report last night by presenter Jane Dodge (“Massive London march for Palestinians as far-right protest turn violent”, Nov. 11) on the protests highlighted a relatively small number of far right counter-protesters, while almost completely erasing the pro-Palestinian extremism.

The Independent

The Indy – in several reports yesterday– also focused almost entirely on relatively small number of far-right counter-protesters, while obfuscating the hate and extremism by the far, far larger pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The Guardian 

The Guardian didn’t just ignore the antisemitism, thuggery and calls for violence, but wrote the following in of their major report on the protests (“Hundreds of thousands rally for Gaza in London as police arrest far-right protesters”, Nov. 11):

Hundreds of thousands of people marched peacefully through central London yesterday to protest against Israel’s continued bombardment of Gaza

A photo gallery they published similarly managed to avoid any photos depicting the extremism displayed by many of the marchers.

The Telegraph

In contrast with the Guardian, Channel 4 News and the Independent, The Telegraph reported extensively on the antisemitic hate on display at yesterday’s march, and included an official editorial titled “A day of chaos that shamed Britain”.  Their reporting also noted that “several of the [antisemitic and extremist] stickers and placards held by protesters appeared to have been produced by the Friends of al-Aqsa group (one one the main organisers of the march), founded and chaired by Ismael Patel, a Leicester-based Islamist who has repeatedly voiced his support for Hamas.

They were also the only outlet we reviewed which reported on the pro-Palestinian demonstrators harassing Jews going to synagogue in northwest London – per the tweet we cited earlier

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