Round-up of media errors in their war coverage – Nov.13 (Guardian stokes antisemitism)

The unprecedented multi-front attacks on Israelis carried out by the terror group Hamas on October 7th included thousands of missile attacks, the indiscriminate murder of over 1,400 Israelis (mostly civilians) and the wounding of thousands more. It also included rape, mutilation and torture – including against children.  The October 7 attack was the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

This is our latest compilation of British media errors, omissions, distortions and propaganda in their coverage of the war:

Jews in Canada targeted by “tensions”.

Not only did the headline refer to the antisemitic hate which clearly inspired gunmen to fire on Jewish schools as “tensions”, but the Guardian article itself didn’t use the word “antisemitism” even once.

Guardian continues to stoke antisemitism

A Guardian op-ed by Deborah Feldman (“Germany is a good place to be Jewish. Unless, like me, you’re a Jew who criticises Israel”, Nov. 13) included this:

Like most secular Jews in Germany, I am accustomed to the aggression directed toward us by the powerful state-backed entity of “official Judaism”. Theatre performances receiving standing ovations in New York and Tel Aviv are cancelled in Germany at its behest, authors are disinvited, prizes are withdrawn or postponed, media companies are pressured to exclude our voices from their platforms. Since 7 October, anyone criticising the German response to the horrific attacks of the terror organisation Hamas has been subjected to even more marginalisation than usual.

We contacted editors noting our deep concern that, in the context of a huge uptick in antisemitism in Germany, readers are told that the real problem in the country is an aggressive, state-backed entity called ‘official Judaism’, which is squelching debate, censoring performances and exercising undue influence upon German media companies.  This clearly evokes classic antisemitic tropes about Jewish power, and its putative control over the media – which is especially dispiriting in light of the fact that Jews represent a miniscule percentage of the German population.
We haven’t yet received a reply.

Guardian continues to peddle Pravda-style anti-Zionist propaganda

For the 17th time since Oct, 7, the Guardian published a piece (“When Palestinians tell the world what is happening to them, why are they met with disbelief?”, Nov. 13) accusing Israel in some fashion of engaging in, or plotting to engage in, ethnic cleansing or genocide. This is an insidious and inflammatory inversion of the truth which will likely serve to stoke antisemitism, in the context of an unprecedent surge in antisemitic incidents in the UK since the Hamas massacre.

BBC presenter reveals his animosity towards Israel 

As we noted in a tweet about the following exchange between Israeli spokesperson Eylon Levy and BBC presenter Ben Thompson, the presenter’s question is the organic result of arrogance, ignorance and institutional anti-Israel bias. Some day journalists in training will be shown this interview to demonstrate the danger of outwardly showing condescension towards a guest while being completely uniformed about a topic

BBC journalist still hasn’t deleted tweet falsely accusing Israel of bombing a hospital 

Read our full post about BBC journalists violating rules regarding impartiality and social media here.

Times op-ed includes egregious error about Israeli prime ministers and the two-state solution.

An op-ed published in the Times by former Lib-Dem leader David Steel (Middle East needs new generation of peace leaders, Nov. 13) included the following claim.

We need to remind ourselves that, following the assassination of Rabin, successive Israeli prime ministers have declined to negotiate the two-state solution

As we noted in a complaint to Times editors, following Rabin’s assassination, two Israeli prime ministers, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, not only negotiated a two-state solution with the Palestinians, but offered a deal that would have created a sovereign Palestinian state. Both offers were turned down by Palestinian leaders.  We haven’t yet received a reply to our complaint from Times editors.

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