Zionist-Conspiracy-O-Matic (TM). (Designed especially for CiF’s Jonathan Steele)

Courtesy of the blog, Judeosphere.

As a courtesy to CiF contributor Jonathan Steele – whose recent piece characterized the U.S. president, and media, as bowing to pressure from the all-powerful Zionist lobbyadvancing a narrative rife with classic conspiratorial tones – here’s the Official Judeosphere Zionist-Conspiracy-O-Matic (TM).  It’s simple.  Now Steele, when writing future columns alleging that the organized Jewish community (2% of the U.S. population) exerts a nefarious influence over the U.S. body politic (a seeming omnipotence which renders powerful figures like, you know, the President of the United States, all but impotent to confront it),  merely has to follow this flow chart and mix-and-match items from actual conspiracy theories. It allows for dozens of variations, and it’s an incredible time-saver!

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