Do Guardian reporters, who consistently demonstrate an egregious bias against Israel, truly believe what they’re saying is true?

A few weeks ago, Yaacov Lozowick linked to, and commented on, Israelinurse’s widely read 6 Month Overview of Harriet Sherwood’s articles in the Guardian.

Lozowick argued:

There’s no way [Sherwood] can be as biased as she is without knowing that’s what she is.

But then asked:

Yet is this truly so?

He then reflected on the broader question:

It’s a question I’ve been pondering for decades, and have never quite convinced myself either way: when [anti-Zionists] frame reality to reinforce their animosities, do they do so in bad faith (i.e do they know they’re lying or framing in a deceitful manner), or are they so carried away by their detestations that they lose track, and really begin to sincerely believe what they’re? This is not an easy question to answer.

I think this is a very interesting question, so, we’ll leave it to you. In addition to participating in the poll below, feel free to express your opinion in the comment section.

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