How low will she go? Guardian contributor Mya Guarnieri uses Nazi analogy in calling for the end of Israel

Guardian contributor Mya Guarnieri’s hatred towards Israel seems to have no boundaries, and is not informed by even the most rudimentary standards of decency or proportion.

Guarnieri, whose liberal, artistic sensibilities are somehow unburdened by writing for the reactionary Islamist mouthpiece, al-Jazeera, penned a piece in favor of BDS against Israel, which again advocated for the end of the Jewish state, and likened those who are “resisting” Israel as morally comparable to those who resisted Nazi Germany.

In a piece titled “Boycotting Israel from within“, which could have been written by the master of BDS, Omar Barghouti, himself, Guarnieri reveals that her previously “naive” boycott of merely those Israeli goods produced across the green line has given way to a much bolder support for the complete boycott of all Israeli goods and a support for the Palestinian “Right of Return” – which Guarnieri openly acknowledges would lead tot her desired outcome, the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

Guarnieri’s essay conjures a dark, mythical Israel, which is – quoting Jonathan Spyer’s characterization of this fantastical place, which bears no resemblance to the nation as she really is – “a place of uninterrupted darkness and horror, in which every human interaction is ugly, crude, racist, brutal.”

Indeed, Guarnieri dutifully finds an Israeli, Leehee Rothschild (an active BDS proponent who signed the letter published in the Guardian, in February, in opposition to Ian McEwan’s decision to accept the Jerusalem Prize) to legitimize her views, who decries Israel as a society which is:

“militant…violent…[where] people are raised to be deeply racist…Everything is targeted at supporting [Jewish] privilege as the masters of the land. Supporting BDS means renouncing my privileges in this land and insisting on equality for all.”

Guarnieri, arguing for the demise of the very state which arduously protects her right to do, yet in a manner suggesting that she’s engaging in a true act of heroism, insidiously suggests a parallel between BDS proponents and those who resisted history’s most notorious and odious regime, by quoting an Israeli named Ronnie Barkan, a member of “Anarchists Against the Wall” (a group which refers to the IDF as a “terrorist organization”) thusly:

“My grandmother who went to Auschwitz tells me, ‘You can think whatever you want but don’t speak up about your politics because it’s not nice,’ I tell her, ‘You know who didn’t speak up 70 years ago…I think that the main lesson to be learned from the Holocaust is ‘never again to anybody’ not ‘never again to the Jews.'”

That Mya Guarnieri imagines herself a latter-day Hannah Senesh speaks volumes about the political pathologies, and delusions of grandeur, which informs much of the ideology of the anti-Zionist left.

That the Guardian apparently still considers her commentary on Israel – a state whose destruction she brazenly continues to advocate for – within the boundaries of acceptable liberal opinion speaks volumes on the continuing degradation of the Guardian Left.

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